To help individuals/companies launch their dream, maximize revenue, and organizational leadership/development

Our GOAL is to help companies make more money in their sleep! 

Business Development

-Make Dreams a Reality

-Fire your Job and Launch your Dream

-Brand Re-Build/Re-launch


Organizational Leadership/Development

-Professional Training

-Leadership Training

-System Building 

Maximize Revenue

-System Building

-Product Development 

-Event Implementation 

                                                        Client Testimonials:

Her name speaks for itself, when she leaves your presence you are bound to touched with Joy LITERALLY, through her happy energetic spirit. When Joy came to my salon, my eyes were unveiled to the importance of salon set up. She got me to see how one simple change could have a great impact on the salon appearance as well produce walk-in traffic. I honestly would recommend anyone who seeks to open a salon or already have one open to contact Touch of Joy International. It will  definitely change your outlook.

Diana Williams 

Joy is an absolute Joy to work with. I hired Joy to coach me & the list of the things she did for me would be too long however i will sum it up with she took the house ( my dreams/visions/goals) and moved if off sand and gave me the tools to build the build upon. She helped me redesign my bio, write a goal & vision statement professionally. The entire time she wouldn't let me settle for mediocre but pushed me towards excellence. Now my foundation can handle the weight of the future season of increase, overflow, and abundance. I have already seen results.

Pastor Mary Lynn Young


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