Joy  L.  McLaughlin-Harris


Joy McLaughlin-Harris is a native of Gadsden, South Carolina.  Mrs. Harris is the founder of Touch of Joy, International, Touch of Joy Youth Foundation, and Hannah Joy Collection. Mrs. Harris has an Associates of Arts Degree, Bachelor of Psychology, and Master in Organizational Leadership and Development. Outside of being a successful entrepreneur, she is a renowned Published Author, Certified Financial Literacy Coach, Community Activist, Wife and Mother.


In 2011 Joy was nominated and crowned as one of Columbia, South Carolina Phenomenal Women. In 2016 she was recognized by the Beauty Association and featured in Pastor’s Journal Magazine for her generous work in the community.  Joy continues to work hard each day creating a platform for women of color to express their voice as community leaders and successful entrepreneurs.  


Joy approaches everyday by the motto “failure is part of the process, only if you believe the process is part of your destiny”.   



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