Our Mission:

To help others achieve their maximum potential by  cultivating skills of Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and  Financial Literacy.

                      Our History:

*We have served over 1,000 participants since the birth of TOJ  youth foundation in 2003. We have been the awarded 21st Century Title 1 grant in 2 schools, United Way Capacity Building Grant, and Small Grants from our community. We are looking forward to working with new partners in 2019-2020. 


                                                        Our Programs:

*FLOT(Future Leader of tomorrow) Ages 8-18

To teach future leaders of tomorrow Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership.

*HELP (Helping Each Life Prosper) Ages 18-100 To help each life prosper by teaching Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership. 

Touch of Joy Youth Foundation 

Award 1-2 Eva Business Start-Up Scholarships each year.  

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